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Why Mammoth?

Mammoth 100% polyester insulation is made in New Zealand from the same material as many duvets, pillows and clothing - so it's soft to touch and won't irritate your skin.  Our commercial and residential polyester insulation products are:
  • heat bonded and free from chemical binders, insecticides, pesticides or formaldehyde
  • non-toxic and odourless - low VOC's
  • vermin resistant
  • moisture resistant - should it get wet, once the source of the leak ceases, the product will dry out and thermal performance is restored
  • safe to use with ventilation systems - it won't circulate nasty fibres
  • made in New Zealand - manufactured in Milton and Auckland, our insulation is made for New Zealand conditions.  And, you're also supporting your local economy!
  • creating better environments 
  • includes our unique airlay insulation which is friction fitted between joists to achieve a smooth, seamless install which maximises thermal performance and reduces the requirement for strapping or staples.  Click here to review some independent testing of some of our wall sections 
  • BRANZ Appraised - No.797 and No.802
  • Warrantied for 50 years - our manufacturer's warranty covers that, so long as the insulation is installed correctly and remains adequately protected, Mammoth insulation will perform as well as when installed - for at least 50 years
What is Polyester?
Polyester is all around us in everyday life. Clothing, pillows, duvets, hats, furniture, ropes and plastic bottles can all be made from polyester, most commonly the polymer called polyethylene terephthalate or PET for short. The polyester industry worldwide has been growing rapidly over the past decade. In 2008 alone around 50 million tonnes of polyester was produced worldwide with almost 80% being textile PET (fibres).


InsulPro products are made of a unique mix of premium quality polyester fibres.









Above: Recycled polyester fibre 

One of the fibre types contained in the our insulation is hollow conjugate fibre. Because the fibre is hollow it traps air within itself, as well as around it. ‘Conjugate’ means two types of polyester are joined together to form the fibre. This creates a fibre that looks and acts like a spring and gives Mammoth ceiling blanket its thickness and bounce.


Hollow conjugate fibre technology was initially used in quality sleeping bags and extreme outdoor clothing. InsulPro led the way globally in introducing these fibres to ceiling and wall insulation in the 1990’s.