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InsulPro’s commitment to sustainability starts with high quality insulation products. Effective insulation helps to limit the amount of energy used to heat homes and other buildings. In a world where 40% of all energy used is for that purpose, having insulation products that really work makes a big difference. For over a decade InsulPro has been improving product technology and installation techniques to make sure the NOVAtherm range delivers excellent results.

The NOVAtherm range is made from 100% polyester fibre. Polyester is made from a substance called PET, which is what plastic bottles are made from. PET can easily be recycled. InsulPro supports polyester recycling in two ways; using recycled fibre from plastic bottles as part of the NOVAtherm product range and recycling production off-cuts back into the process. Plastic packaging for the products is also recyclable.

There are no environmentally harmful additives in InsulPro’s manufacturing process, all products are bonded using heat and not glues.

InsulPro uses an energy efficient manufacturing process.

When you install NOVAtherm or NOVAfloor in your house it can be removed for renovations and replaced afterwards. There are no special handling requirements, and the product performs for 50 years, so it can be re-used even decades after it is first installed. You don’t need to throw out your old insulation and start again.

InsulPro’s NOVAfloor is the first underfloor insulation product in New Zealand to receive Environmental Choice Certification. NOVAtherm ceiling blanket (R3.6) and wall insulation (R2.6 and R2.8) are also certified.

Recycled polyester fibre