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Our Credentials

InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd is the World's first insulation manufacturer to be carboNZero certified.
Our sustainability journey is a continual process of improvement.  We undertook carboNZero certification because we understand that to improve we need to know where to start.  Our journey is an evolution and a part of which is now the fact that we can measure, monitor, mitigate and reduce our carbon emissions.

Red List Free

Our continued commitment to creating better environments for New Zealanders has been further boosted with the inclusion of all our polyester insulation products achieving the highest certification status under the Living Building Challenge's Declare programme and are the world's first polyester insulation products Red List Free under Declare.

Environmental Choice
If you are concerned about protecting the environment then a product that has the Environmental Choice label will help you achieve this.  At InsulPro, we are creating better environments and we have a wide range of products that have been awarded the Environmental Choice label (ECNZ).  
Click here to see the full list of Mammoth products with Environmental Choice certification.
BRANZ Appraisal
The vast majority of the Mammoth thermal insulation products are BRANZ Appraised (No.797 & No.802) .

So what does a BRANZ Appraisal mean?
When you insulate your home or building with BRANZ appraised insulation products, you can rest assure that they have been independently assessed to ensure they meet New Zealand Building Code compliance and are fit for purpose.
BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing, consulting and information company providing services and resources for the building industry.  BRANZ Appraisals are independent assessments of building products, materials, systems or methods of design or construction.