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Safe and Healthy Products

As well as offering longlasting performance, InsulPro’s products are safe. That is underlined by the fact that most New Zealanders sleep with a polyester pillow and under a polyester duvet.

There are NO glues used in making any NOVAtherm, NOVAfloor or NOVAhush products. Glues are known to break down over time, releasing a chemical called formaldehyde. The World Health Organisation - International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) issued a press release in June 2004, notifying that there is now sufficient evidence to re-classify formaldehyde as carcinogenic to humans.

NOVAtherm Ceiling and Wall Insulation, NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation and NOVAhush Acoustic Insulation have been tested for formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) all meet the international Greenguard criteria for these emissions.

InsulPro avoids using glues by heat bonding the polyester fibres together in a special industrial oven. One of the fibres is a bicomponent low-melt fibre which has an outside sheath with a lower melting point than the other fibres. When product passes through the oven, this outside sheath melts and bonds all the fibres together.

Heat-bonded polyester does not release fibres into the air. This is one reason why NOVAtherm is used in many hospitals and buildings with air-conditioning systems.

Polyester is not itchy, or an irritant, so it is comfortable to install.

NOVAtherm, NOVAfloor and NOVAhush are self extinguishing products. They have been tested in accordance with AS 1530.3. and meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. For details of the test results see the product technical data sheets.

Fire Indices    NOVAtherm  NOVAhush  NOVAfloor 
Ignitability 0 0 0
Spread of Flame  0 0 0
Heat Evolved 0 0 0
Smoke Developed 3 3 2