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Production Expertise

InsulPro has been developing and manufacturing quality insulation for homes and commercial buildings since the 1990s. We are headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, with manufacturing plants in the North and South Islands.

We believe in product performance before profit. We continually meet with designers, installers and building owners to discuss their needs and to help them get the ultimate performance with NOVAtherm, NOVAfloor and NOVAhush products.

Our investment in cutting-edge research and development is ongoing. We test and develop products at the University of Auckland, at BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand), and in conjunction with other researchers and industry leaders. Our specialist polyester insulation manufacturing plant is regularly upgraded to ensure we can pass on the benefits of new technology. Our newest Auckland plant, commissioned in early 2010, allows InsulPro to maximize the amount of recycled fibres used in production.

How our products are made

InsulPro sources the best polyester fibres. An optimal blend of fibres for each product is created from a mixture of highly technical fibres for extra performance, recycled fibres for sustainability, and bi-component fibres for bonding.

Once blended, the next step is to create a thin blanket of fibres. InsulPro has different technologies to achieve this. The blanket then passes into a thermo bonding oven where hot air is blown through it. This melts the outside sheath of the bi-component fibre which then bonds the remaining fibres in the matrix together. Rollers inside the oven also control the product density and thickness.

After cooling and leaving the oven, product is then cut to size, weighed, vacuum packed and labelled.