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Panel Absorber

NOVAhush Panel Absorber is made in New Zealand by InsulPro from black or white 100% lofted thermally bonded polyester fibre.  It has the highest fire specification level for an interior surface lining product - Class 1S

NOVAhush panel absorbers are a semi-rigid board in black or white polyester, with a white, black or grey polyester inner.
It is for use in a wide range of thermal and acoustic applications within domestic and commercial buildings – applied behind perforated panels for application in factories, workshops, theatres, cinemas, halls, offices, gyms, cultural centres and, in fact, anywhere where the focus is to reduce noise!  It can also be used for within HVAC ducting.

Why NOVAhush Panel Absorber?

   •  Made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles
   •  Creates a healthier, more comfortable environment.
   •  Class 1S fire performance requirement for interior surface linings 
   •  Can be used in multiple applications within a building , including Exitway, Walls and Ceilings in sleeping spaces (commercial) and HVAC ducting (internal and external)
   •  Reduces sound transmission between spaces.
   •  Creates a more energy efficient environment.
   •  Safe to handle and easy to install.
   •  Made using non-irritant fibres and is odourless.
   •  Has excellent durability and a 50 year warranty*
*Terms and conditions apply

Looking for a top 1S interior surface lining?

By installing NOVAhush Panel Absorber in a home or commercial building, you have chosen a product that achieved the supreme 1S group number to comply with the new fire performance requirements.

NOVAhush Panel Absorber is one of the easiest interior lining solutions to use in a building!  

It can be used in any interior surface lining application for commercial and residentail constructions.  So when specifying or installing NOVAhush Panel Absorber you don't need to be concerned about using multiple products to meet the different interior surface fire requirements with a building.
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Would you like further information about NOVAhush Panel Absorbers?

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