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Acoustic Insulation

NOVAhush is a superb way to create a quiet living and working environment. It uses a unique mix of quality polyester fibres including recycled fibres made from plastic bottles. This delivers outstanding acoustic insulation in ceilings and walls.

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Controlling Noise Transfer
NOVAhush Acoustic Insulation and NOVAhush Bafflestack products control noise transfer from one room to another. Sound energy travels between two rooms through the walls and ceilings by making them vibrate or through any holes that may exist.
Adding NOVAhush in the cavity of a wall or ceiling increases the sound insulation by dissipating some of the energy of the sound wave as it passes through the wall. This dissipated energy cannot be transmitted.
NOVAhush blankets and baffles have been installed into hundreds of buildings around New Zealand, including the Auckland Harbour Board building.
Absorbing Noise Reverberation
Sound can also bounce off hard surfaces like walls. Thatís why you notice noise in a sports stadium. NOVAhush Panel Absorbers are rigid polyester boards which absorb this sound energy and create a quieter environment. They are used in open spaces such as open plan office buildings, factories, workshops, cafes, restaurants, sports stadiums, offices and cultural centres, as well as inside HVAC ducting.
NOVAhush Acoustic panels have been installed into
Aucklandís Sky City complex and Wellingtonís Te Papa museum.

New Fire Performance Requirements - Interior Surface Linings & Acoustic insulation

From April 2013, all interior surface lining products have to comply with new fire performance requirments.  InsulPro's NOVAhush Panel Absorber, Acoustic Blanket and Bafflestack have achieved the supreme 1S group number - making NOVAhush Panel Absorber one of the easiest interior lining solutions to use in a building!

The new fire performance requirements involves a group number system will be introduced to replace SF1/SD1 system.  The group number system is based on an ISO 9705 test, where products are fitted on walls and ceiling of a special test room, and are subjected to up to 1000kW of heat produced by a gas burner, for 20 minutes.

NOVAhush Panel Absorber underwent the ISO 9705.  It is designed to melt away from the sources of heat and that is exactly what was observed in the test. 
Achieving a 1S group number for the NOVAhush Panel Absorber means it can be used across all interior surface applications as HVAC Ducting - your one stop solution!
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