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DIY Installation

If you are considering installing InsulPro ceiling, wall or underfloor insulation product, you may like to read our installation guidelines for: 

NOVAfloor Underfloor installation guidelines

NOVAtherm Ceiling installation guidelines

NOVAtherm Wall installation guidelines

NOVAhush Acoustic installation guidelines

InsulPro's insulation products are safe and easy to work with. Every product comes with detailed fitting instructions. 
If you choose to install your own insulation, getting it right matters so please follow these instructions carefully.

How much insulation do you need for your DIY project

Use our insulation calculator to help you work out how many bales of insulation you need for your DIY project. 
If you have any queries please call us 0800 100 007 or fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you soon.

Measuring to install NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation

Before purchasing and installing NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation be sure to carefully measure the underfloor area of your home that you wish to insulate:
  1. Measure the gap between the underfloor joists (bay width).  Note: There will be a number of different bay widths under your house - so make sure you measure each one
  2. Group the bays in accordance with the widths in the insulator calculator (on the right).
  3. Measure the length of each bay and then calculate the total length of each of the grouped bay widths.  
  4. Once you have your measurements use our insulation calculator (on the right).  It will help you estimate the number of bales that you need to insulate each of the different bay widths under your house   Note: The width of the bale will be larger than your actual bay width.  For example if your bay width is 420 wide then the bale will be 485mm wide to allow the product to be effectively friction fitted under the floor.  NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation comes in segments which are 1200mm long
  5. Please ensure that you read the DIY Underfloor Installation guidelines before you purchase and install the product  
If at any stage you need some assistance please call our Insulation Help-line on 0800 100 007


New Zealand Building Code requirements

If you are renovating or building a new home then you need to consider the New Zealand Building Code requirements for insulation.

The Building Code in New Zealand requires that insulation meets certain criteria which cover durability, internal moisture, hazardous building materials and energy efficiency.  You need to ensure the insulation you choose meets building code requirements.

One of these Building Code requirements, energy efficiency, relates to insulationís R-Value. The code divides the country into three zones for energy efficiency compliance and the R-value of insulation tells you how effective it is.  A higher R-value gives greater insulation effect, therefore creating a warmer home.