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Customer Stories

Installers of InsulPro’s products from Kaitaia to Bluff regularly receive feedback on what a difference insulation makes to their living environment.  NOVAtherm and NOVAfloor are increasing people’s home comfort, health and reducing their heating needs.


Cosy feet in Devonport

Devonport home owners Kris and Geraldine are enjoying the benefits of NOVAfloor.

“The floor used to feel damp but we haven’t noticed it this winter. Our house warms up more quickly and we don’t get draughts through the floorboards anymore. There was an echo before when we walked around but now we don’t hear anything.

We wanted a product that wouldn’t crumble and fall down into our garage under the dining room. NOVAfloor is rigid and it doesn’t sag. It feels like a fabric which makes it easy to handle.”

Kris and Geraldine have recommended NOVAfloor to a number of their friends.

“Compared to all the other products we investigated, NOVAfloor is the best.” Devonport home owners, Kris and Geraldine are enjoying the benefits of NOVAfloor. 


Creating a warmer, healthier home for a young family

Fraser and Tanya White first made contact with InsulPro in September 2011 at Auckland's Parent & Child Show when Tanya attended the show expecting their first child.
At the time they were in the middle of renovating their home.  They were particularly interested in NOVAtherm and NOVAfloor because:
They had NOVAtherm Ceiling and NOVAfloor polyester insulation installed in their home.
Fraser commented....."The house was much warmer in winter and healthier throughout the year.  When winter arrvied, we found that heating the house was more economical, as the heater didn't need to be on for so long.   What we also didn't expect was the acoustic benefits from the insulation.  The house is alot quieter"
Since we meet the White Family in September 2011 their lives have changed.  Find out how>>>> 

Other Stories

From Tammy and Mickey to He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust in Northland

“This is an acknowledgement of a fantastic job done to our Whare....
As it was the coldest, dampest house ever.....
It was like living outside, I reckon even colder.....
My house doesn't have condensation or mould on the ceilings any more and it’s nice to walk around the house with no socks and still feel warm.....
The floor is warm, it’s not freezing anymore. It’s cosy!!!!!
It’s really, really LOVELY...”

From Leah to The Insulation Team in Canterbury

“In August this year we renovated a very cold old 1920’s home for my sickly mother. Insulation was of key importance.
The product we used was NOVAtherm in the ceiling and NOVAfloor under the floorboards. Before the installation the house literally felt open to the winter outside. It was really amazing how after installation the house instantly felt cozy and snug.
I would definitely (and have) recommend The Insulation Team and NOVAtherm / NOVAfloor to any of my friends and family thinking about insulating their home, and would trust they would have wonderful results.”

From Lia and Rob to The Insulation Team in Canterbury

“Many thanks to your team...We are noticing quite a difference especially this morning getting up on a frosty morning and finding that the 4kw pump has no problem spreading heat also (from the living room) into the kitchen / dinette area.”

From Tash to Huntly Energy Efficiency Trust in Hamilton

"I am writing to thank the team at HEET for such excellent service throughout the whole process of insulating our home. The house is now significantly warmer and drier, vastly improving my son’s respiratory conditions resulting in a peaceful nights sleep for all."

From John to the Community Business and Environment Centre in Kaitaia

“I’m writing on behalf of my mother to convey her heartfelt thanks for the insulation job...The weekend was wet, windy and cold, presenting a perfect test for the insulation. I can tell you it was hugely successful. I could feel the difference the moment I walked into the home. A little later when I started her fire the place began to heat up, then the difference was even more noticeable right throughout the house and not just in the lounge as previously.
We wish you well...and want you to know that you have made one old kuia from Apihara a very happy person in her warm and comfortable home.”

From Reuben to The Insulation Team in Canterbury

“Thank you for the great job that was done by the team in insulating my property... The work has given us a much warmer home and cut our heating bills by stopping the waste of energy out of the ceiling and floor areas.”

“Thank you sooooo much for the insulation that was installed a couple of weeks back. The difference has been absolutely amazing! Having only been a resident here for 2 months I must say it was a rude awakening getting use to the cold and the noise bouncing off the wooden floors...However with the insulation now in it has truly made such a big difference. The house retains the warmth so easily now with us just needing a fire going for 15-20mins and the WHOLE house retains the heat not just the living room! We are amazed at also how the insulation deadens the sound coming off the wooden floors which is a welcome relief for mum and dad especially with x3 little ones bouncing and skipping round the house :)”