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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I insulate?

Why InsulPro?
Will insulation save me money over winter?
How much will my insulation cost?
What else can you do to create a warm home?
How long will my insulation last?
What is Polyester Insulation?
What steps do I need to take to insulate my home?
Do you have someone that can install for me?
What does R-value mean?
What products do we have available?
Can I install your products?
If I want to install your product myself, where can I buy your products?
I have a technical query - can you help?
How do I know if my InsulPro product has been installed correctly?
What is the difference between our underfloor insulation products?
How does Mammoth NOVAfloor outperform it's R1.4 thermal rating by 50%?
What are the fire performance requirements for interior surface linings?
Is Mammoth the same as the old NOVAtherm, NOVAfloor and NOVAhush products?