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Our Warranty

When selecting your insulation for your home and office, one factor to consider is how long it will last.  InsulPro’s insulation product will last for at least 50 years. 
How good is that!
InsulPro's product warranty covers that, so long as the insulation is installed correctly and remains adequately protected, all Mammoth insulation will perform as well as when installed for 50 years (Terms and Condition apply).

Why does our insulation last for at least 50 years?

Glues break down and are the weak point of many kinds of thermal and acoustic insulation. New Zealand's extreme climate causes many types of insulation to collapse over time. This means they will fail and need to be replaced. Mammoth thermal and acoustic Insulation is heat bonded, and contain no glues or chemical binders.
InsulPro’s warranty applies only to 100% polyester insulation products manufactured by InsulPro and not composite products which incorporate InsulPro’s polyester products.