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About Polyester

Polyester is all around us in everyday life. Clothing, pillows, duvets, hats, furniture, ropes and plastic bottles can all be made from polyester, most commonly the polymer called polyethylene terephthalate or PET for short. The polyester industry worldwide has been growing rapidly over the past decade. In 2008 alone around 50 Million tonnes of polyester was produced worldwide with almost 80% being textile PET (fibres).

InsulPro products are made of a unique mix of premium quality polyester fibres.

One of the fibre types is hollow conjugate fibre. Because the fibre is hollow it traps air within itself, as well as around it. ‘Conjugate’ means two types of polyester are joined together to form the fibre. This creates a fibre that looks and acts like a spring and gives NOVAtherm its thickness and bounce.

Hollow conjugate fibre technology was initially used in quality sleeping bags and extreme outdoor clothing. InsulPro led the way globally in introducing these fibres to ceiling and wall insulation in the 1990’s.

Another benefit of polyester as a material is how easily it can be recycled. Plastic bottles made from PET can be washed and ground up into flakes, heated and then extruded into polyester fibre. This is how the recycled fibre used by InsulPro is made.

InsulPro has worked with recycled polyester fibre for over a decade and is committed to using the maximum possible in all products.