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Our People

The InsulPro team are passionate about creating better environments. 
We thought you might like to know some of the team:

Paul Vujcich - Managing Director

Paul Vujcich had a successful construction business in Sydney, Australia in the 1980's.  During this time people were beginning to consider the adverse health effects of insulation and seek out safer alternatives.
He returned to New Zealand in 1992 and met Godfrey Hall, who had recently developed wool/polyester insulation products as an alternative to fibreglass.  It quickly became evident that the two of them shared a passion for the environment and together they began a cycle of product development that led to the NOVAtherm range of polyester insulation.
The next phase was a manufacturing plant and further innovation for polyester insulation - leading to today's state of the art facility, which creates quality insulation to help New Zealanders create warmer, healthier, drier homes.  Paul remains a passionate advocate for the benefits of insulation.

Godfrey Hall - Executive Director

Godfrey comes from a family with a carpet sales and manufacturing background (two generations with carpet including the development of the drysdale yarns into New Zealand in the early 1960s). 
He studied agriculture including wool and wool classing at Lincoln University, continuing on at Canterbury and Massey Universities - studying Accounting, Economics and Commercial Law.  In more recent years he set up a green building company and also developed a Sales and Marketing company specialising in natural wool. 
These products gained traction in Japan and New Zealand.  In later years, as Polyester insulation became more dominant, Godfrey formed a partnership with Paul Vujcich and moved into manufacturing quality polyester insulation.  Godfrey has an extensive knowledge of building law and standards.  He has also sat on two NZS 4246 Committees (installing insulation in domestic buildings).

Gleb Speranski - Technical Manager

Gleb has worked for a variety of businesses around the world, including a major petroleum company in the US, an aviation company in Singapore, a financial services company in the UK and Dupont.  Prior to InsulPro, Gleb worked for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) leading their Technical team.  In the six years with the Authority, Gleb's focus was on the technical means for improving energy efficiency of domestic appliances, industrial equipment and most importantly, New Zealand homes.  The latter resulted in the development of NZS 4246, the first New Zealand standard for installation of insulation.  The standard became a compliance document for the Government funded retrofit scheme.  Gleb has extensive knowledge of New Zealand's residential housing sector, its shortcomings and challenges, when it comes to energy efficiency and ways to improve it.  Gleb is also experienced in the thermal dynamics of buildings, insulation testing and its in-situ performance including relevant national and international standards.
Blair Dunlop - National Operations Manager

Blair began his career as an Apprentice working with Alliance Textiles, one of the largest woolen yarn manufacturers in New Zealand, in 1985.  This position, in the maintenance team, led to a management role within the firms non-woven department in 1995.  InsulPro then purchased the non-woven component of Alliance Textiles manufacturing plant in 2001, which then began his career with InsulPro.  
Blair managed the Milton production plant from 2001, along with the team (some of which have been with the firm since those first few days in 2001) and now manages both Milton and East Tamaki plants - continuing to manufacture high quality polyester insulation for the domestic and export markets and ensuring smooth, smart and efficient plant operations.