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Insulation Cost

Insulation will create a warm, healthier home for you and your family.  In the long term insulation will assist in saving you money, through creating a more energy efficient home that is healthier to live in.  It could mean that you power bills are cheaper and your family needs fewer trips to the doctor during the cold winter months.

But it is not just about the dollar savings, it is about creating a healthier home for your family and removing the cold damp air in winter time which reduces the incidence to colds, asthma and flu.  While in summer time you will have a cooler home.
Insulation costs for your home will be dependent on what area you are insulating, such as under the floor or the ceiling, and the size of your home or building.

DIY insulation costs

If you are interested in DIY insulation installation then using our insulation calculator will help you estimate how much InsulPro Ceiling, Wall or Underfloor Insulation you need for your home.  To find out where to buy our products please click here
If you are considering DIY then take the time to read our installation guidelines available on the resources page.

ENERGYWISE subsidy for professional installed

If you are interested in a professional insulation installation, then you maybe entitled to the government home insulation subsidy under the ENERGYWISE Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme.

If your home was built before 2000 you are eligible for a 33% subsidy on insulation under the programme. Up to $1,300 (incl. GST) is available for both NOVAtherm Ceiling Insulation and NOVAfloor Underfloor Insulation fitted by a professional installer. If you can access the space both ceiling and underfloor insulation must be done to qualify for the funding.

The subsidy is not means tested, although if you hold a Community Services Card (or your rental tenant does) you are eligible for a 60% subsidy on the total cost of insulation. (information current as at December 2010).
The ENERGYWISE website includes a table on estimated insulation costs.  The view the table please click here.

Support for home insulation

There are other options available to assist you in creating a warmer home with insulation.  The following City Councils and charitable organisations are offering various levels of funding and finance options to help you cover the cost of you home insulation.

Auckland City Council

The Auckland City Council Retrofit your Home programme allows you to apply for up to $5000 financial assistance through the council to help you get your home retrofitted. This assistance is repaid over nine years through a targeted rate included on your rates bill.  Terms and conditions apply and for more information visit the Auckland City Council website 

Dunedin City Council

Dunedin City Council have established a targeted rate which allows 1000 eligible residents to install insulation and/or heating in their homes and pay it off over a decade.  The Warm up Dunedin programme ties in with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme, which offers funding to occupants for insulation.  Ratepayers who meet the criteria can apply to the council for up to $5,000 for insulation and heating.  Terms and conditions apply, so visit Dunedin City Council for more information.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council

The Hawkes Bay Regional Councils programme, HeatSmart, is available to assist ratepayers with the cost of fitting ceiling and underfloor insulation and replacing non-compliant burners and open fires.  Funding is open to homeowners with properties built before 2000 and options include a non-repayable grant or a loan which is repaid through the property’s rates over 10 years.
If you are a home owner, check out the regional councils website to see what funding is available for your home insulation.

Greater Wellington Regional Council

Greater Wellington Regional Council is providing financial assistance of up to $2,600 per ratepayer to help fund the remaining cost of home insulation and clean heating over and above the grant provided by EECA ENERGYWISE programme. This can be repaid by way of a targeted rate over a 9-year period.  To read more about the council is offering visit the Greater Wellington Regional Council website

Marlborough District Council

Marlborough District Council is providing financial assistance to help fund that proportion of the costs not covered by an EECA grant.  The programme will enable eligible ratepayers to repay their financial assistance grant via a targeted rate over a nine year period.  Terms and conditions apply, so visit the Marlborough District Council website.

Nelson City Council
Under the Pay as you Heat scheme, the Council will replace your enclosed burner with a heat pump, pellet burner or council authorised woodburner and upgrade your insulation.  If offers you the opportunity to fund the remainder of your insulation costs over 10 years.  Terms and conditions apply, so visit the Nelson City Council website.
New Plymouth District Council

New Plymouth District Council are offering ratepayers an alternative way to fund the installation of home energy products and insulation in their home. As a ratepayer you may be eligible to apply for up to $5,000 (including GST) to support the installation of a clean energy/heat product or solar water heating of up to $2,600 (including GST) for the installation of insulation.

The monies are paid back through your rates (via a Voluntary Targeted Rate (VTR)), with interest over a nine year period.  The increase in your rates will commence at the start of the new rating year (from 1 July). Terms and conditions apply, so visit the New Plymouth District Council website for more details.

Palmerston North City Council
Palmerston North City Council have introduced The Warm Up Palmy scheme, offering financial support for ratepayers wanting to take part in the government subsidised insulation scheme (Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart).  The Funding is available to ratepayers with an up-to-date rates and a home built before 2000 with insufficient insulation.  To find out more information visit Palmerston North City Council.
Tasman City Council
To help pay the balance, after the government ENERGYWISETM subsidy, homeowners can apply to the council for a Voluntary Targeted Rate for up to $2,600 towards an approved insulation and/or up to $3,500 for a clean heating solution.  This is paid back with interest over nine years along with your property's rates as a separate voluntary rate.  Terms and conditions apply, so visit the Tasman City Council website.
Southern Primary Health Organisation
A new Southland Warm Homes Trust has been launched, aiming to provide home heating and insulation subsidies for low-income households in Southland.  The trust's new subsidy is in addition to the current Government Warm Up New Zealand scheme and will supply funding for homeowners or tenants with health problems such as arthritis, whooping cough and rheumatic fever.  Terms and conditions apply, so visit Southern Primary Health Organisation to find out more.

Adding the cost of insulation to your mortgage

Have a talk to your bank - you may be able to add the cost of home insulation to your mortgage.  To assist further, ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, The National Bank, TSB and Westpac have all agreed to waive the associated fees for a top-up loan to cover insulation costs.

Are you renting the home you live in and want to insulate?

If you are renting and would like to insulate then you need to get in touch with your property manager or landlord to discuss insulating the home. 
Please give us a call on 0800 100 007 if you would like to discuss the key insulation points to cover or visit our Resources page to download a range of brochures and datasheets.